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Body Clock Test and Ovarian Reserve

There are many reasons nowadays why many women decide to delay trying for a pregnancy until they are older. Some may want to concentrate on their careers, may not have found a suitable partner or just don’t feel ready. Delaying conception however runs the risk of failing ovarian reserve and problems with getting pregnant. For […]

The Complete Guide to Nuchal Scans

There are a number of different tests you may be offered when you are pregnant. And when the doctor or midwife explains what they are it can be hard to absorb all of the vital information. So we’ve written all the need-to-know facts down for you. What is a Nuchal Scan? A Nuchal scan is […]

Flying when Pregnant

Although it is generally considered safe to fly during the early stages of pregnancy, most airlines restrict travel from 36 weeks onwards. Read on to find out everything you need to know regarding flying when pregnant. Pregnancy and Flying Timeline Initial 3 Months: Flying during pregnancy is often a personal decision and depends entirely on […]

Just Giving

Another inspiring story from a Mum who didn’t get to take her baby home just reached us here at Innermost Secrets.  She experienced reduced movements later in her pregnancy (she was actually overdue) and sadly her little boy was stillborn.  Dr Beattie is the patron of Count The Kicks, a charity encouraging mothers to monitor their […]

Get knitted!

Any of you who have attended one of our Parentcraft classes is likely to have met Libby, our midwife. She also works at UHW and is trying to promote skin to skin contact or kangaroo care after birth to help bonding with baby and breastfeeding. BUT she needs your help! Any of you who knit […]