Ashtree Clinic – Subsequent Visits

Checks for Mum

All subsequent visits would be to Innermost Healthcare at Ashtree Medical Clinic (Clinic 03435 2303386) where they would have maternal health checks such as blood pressure, urine testing, etc. and a fetal growth scan. Normal NHS care would involve a booking scan and an Anomaly Scan only. For an additional fee, women at increased risk of preterm labour can have Fetal Fibronectin Screeing and cervical incompetence scans, those concerned about their risk of pre-eclampsia can have uterine artery scans.  Those concerned about Down Syndrome can have the new NIFTY Blood Test at no extra cost.

Checks for Baby

The use of a customised fundal height chart to plot the measurements of the size of the uterus (womb) will identify 48% of small for dates babies whereas ultrasound scans will identify about 85%. (The Investigation ad Management of the Small for Gestational Age Fetus Royal College Obstetrcians and Gynaecologists Guideline 31. Nov 2002-Nov 2005).  Those concerned about fetal cardiac defects can have a Fetal Cardiac Scan at no extra cost. Those that want colour photographs, and video keepsakes of their baby can have a 4D Baby Bonding Scan at an additional cost.