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Look After your ‘Everyday’ Health

Our health and wellness depends on a wide range of things, including our genes, our family history and our lifestyle. All of these can affect our risks for certain health conditions – such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes – and also our overall physical and mental wellbeing.  

A wide range of screening tests and blood tests are available to help us make important decisions about our healthcare and life choices. If you’re looking to learn more about your health or take action, then our InnerHealth services can help.Innermost Healthcare Universal Health Screening Leaflet

Me and My Genes

what our genes can tell us about our health, now and in the future

We all have variations in our DNA and in our genetic makeup and these can sometimes predispose us to an increased risk of some health conditions, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. This can happen even if we don’t have an obvious family history of these conditions and even if we try to follow a healthy lifestyle. 

Our Color and CeGaT screening tests and panels identify gene mutations which are known to be linked with the risk of developing common cancers (such as breast, colorectal and prostate), cardiovascular diseases (such as arrhythmias, cardiomyopathy and hypercholesterolaemia) and other hereditary conditions such as diabetes and glaucoma.

Cancer Screening

screening to identify cancer and surveillance for recurrence

Evidence tells us that 1 in 2 of us will develop cancer during our lifetime. In the UK, there are 3 NHS screening programmes to help identify cancer early when we know that treatment is most effective and you can read more about these here Cancer Research UK – About NHS Cancer Screening

We offer a number of screening tests that can help to identify cancer at an earlier stage than conventional screening programmes – and can also help to identify a wider range of cancers. 

Our TruCheck Intelli Multicancer test is a wide screen panel and can identify up to 70 different cancers. Our TruCheck Fem panel screens for female cancers such as breast, cervical, uterine and ovarian cancer and is particularly important for those having HRT or deciding to start it.

After diagnosis and treatment for cancer, many patients will have ongoing surveillance to check for any recurrence. Usually this is based on physical examinations and imaging. Our CancerTrack test (a fasting blood test) can detect microscopic tumour DNA, often before it is clinically suspected, supporting the much earlier detection of recurrence if it does occur.

We also offer ROCA Care and ROCA Care at Home based on the ROCA Test for surveillance for ovarian cancer for those that are BRCA1 or BRCA2 carriers and have deferred risk reducing surgery and ovarian cancer screening based on a transvaginal ultrasound and CA125 blood test. Learn more about ovarian cancer and screening and ovarian cancer surveiilance.

A Healthy Heart

blood pressure and cardiac screening

Our services include regular blood pressure checks and ECGs – both important ways of checking cardiovascular function. This is important for all of us – but particularly for amateur and professional sports competitors and anyone undertaking general fitness activities (our teen cardiac screening service is subsidised). All our ECGs are read by and reported by Broomwell Heartwatch whose expert cardiologists screen over 4000 ECGs a week for the NHS.

Biological Age and Body Clock

epigenetics and measuring our biological age

We’ve all wondered about why some people live much longer than others. It’s now possible to assess our own body’s biological age rather than just count our birthdays and a number of ‘epigenetic’ body clocks have been developed by scientists to help us do this. Our Clock Foundation Phenoage and Epigenetic Age Tests can help to measure our current biological age and inform changes to our lifestyle that can help to slow down our biological aging. It’s a fascinating area of science!


a revolutionary new test to help with diagnosis

About 10% of women are affected by endometriosis, with average times for diagnosis of around 8 years and the need for MRI scans, pelvic ultrasound scans and laparoscopy. We offer the revolutionary new Ziwig Endotest® which is able to reliably detect all types of endometriosis, mild and advanced, based on a saliva sample. 

Vitamins, Nutrients, Hormones and Organ Function

checking our everyday health

Our intake and absorption of vitamins and various essential nutrients is important for our general health, fitness and fertility. An imbalance is associated with variety of common health problems such as vitamin B12 deficiency, iron deficiency anaemia, under active or over active thyroid function and abnormal liver or kidney function.  Often, we won’t know about any imbalance or deficiency without a test and our wide range of blood tests can check vitamin, hormone and organ functions.

Our Universal Health Screen for Men and Women  is a blood test which is analysed in a UK based lab to check your general health as an MOT test and includes checks on: anaemia, iron stores, vitamin B12, folate, lipids and cholesterol, thyroid function, bone profile, liver profile, renal (kidney) profile and diabetes.

Our Universal Hormone Profile for Men and Women is a blood test to check male and female hormones which are important for general health, energy, fertility and wellbeing.