CancerTrack Cancer Monitoring Test

CancertrackTM Cancer Monitoring Test from Datar Cancer Genetics is a blood test that can be used track down, monitor and assess the presence of a cancer and provide early detection of recurrence even before it is detected by imaging or changes in the tumour characteristics which may alter the best treatment. It can be done as often as necessary. 

About CancerTrack Cancer Monitoring Test

A blood test is analysed to track down DNA and RNA released by cancer cells in the blood.

  • Unique, unprecedented capability to detect cancerous activity even when not visible on imaging
  • Enables real-time rapid response to the changes in the tumour characteristics of a patient’s cancer
  • Safe, simple and cost-effective – no radiation exposure
  • Rapid lab results within 2 weeks
  • Tests all active disease sites
  • Limits of detection is 0.1% Mutant Allele Frequency

Who is the CancerTrack Cancer Monitoring Test for?

  • Anybody who has a newly diagnosed cancer as a supplement to normal biopsy to provide a baseline measurement of cell-free tumour DNA and CTC before starting treatment
  • Anybody who has cancer and is having cancer treatment
  • Anybody who has had cancer and in cancer remission
  • Anybody who has had cancer in the past and is a cancer survivor

Monitoring cancer

Optimally by monitoring for early signs of recurrence or changes in the cancer, the treatment is always one step ahead of the cancer. Cancertrack™ ensures real-time monitoring to detect genetic changes in the tumor at an early stage. Clinically relevant mutations can thereby be monitored, or medication can be changed if necessary.

What can cancertrack™ reveal?

  • CTC & ctDNA  – Indication of cancerous activity in the body
  • CTC & Exosomes – Indication of molecular dynamics in real-time
  • CTC & ctDNA – Early relapse detection
  • ctDNA  – Molecular signs of drug resistance
  • ctDNA  – Indication of Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) + Copy Number Variation (CNV)

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How is cancertrack™ validated?

CancertrackTM has been validated clinically on several hundred samples and the process validation meets and exceeds the claimed sensitivity and specificity. Cancertrack™ has a combined sensitivity of 99.28% and a positive predictive value of 100%.

Why is early detection of molecular dynamics of cancer critical?

The molecular evolution of the tumour including tumour size and molecular diversity, is a continuous process, which is progressing at enormous speed. There are many strategies and drugs available today that can intercept cancerous growth effectively. Thus, earlier detection of the primary / recurrence / drug resistance is essential for an oncologist to make informed decisions.

How frequently is it necessary to do the test?

cancertrackTM should ideally be performed at every important milestone during cancer disease and especially when the tumour has disappeared from conventional imaging and the patient is under follow-up for recurrence monitoring.

What are the limitations of cancertrack™?

While cancertrackTM is extremely robust and multidimensional, like every molecular diagnostic technique, constraints naturally arising due to biological function in an individual patient may impact performance. However, such events are usually averaged out in sequential testing.

Our CancerTrack Cancer Monitoring Test