Worried about your Risks for Common Health Problems?

If you’re interested or concerned about your risk of developing a particular disease or condition (such as cancer or heart disease) – perhaps because you know it’s in your family history – screening tests and genetic testing can help you.

Finding out your risks means you can take control of your healthcare – and that of your family – to detect any problems at an early stage when they are most treatable. If you’ve already been diagnosed, the test results can often provide your clinician with a detailed analysis to help determine the most effective drugs and treatments for you.

Before having any screening test, it’s worth finding out in detail about the test itself and what would happen next if you find out you have a higher risk of a particular condition. Deciding whether or not to have a screening test is a personal choice and one which only you can make. We always recommend talking to your family, friends and/or your healthcare professionals before making your final decision

How we can help

  • Ovarian Cancer Screening (ultrasound scan and a blood test) FOR WOMEN
  • Hereditary Genetic Tests  FOR MEN & WOMEN
  • Genetic Counselling Support FOR MEN & WOMEN