About the MaterniT GENOME Test

The MaterniTGENOME test is the only non-invasive prenatal test currently available that can analyse EVERY chromosome in your baby to identify extra or missing parts of chromosomes or whole chromosome changes.

It will screen for Down Syndrome, Edward Syndrome and Patau Syndrome and many other genetic conditions. Unlike other non-invasive prenatal tests, it screens all 46 fetal chromosomes and so can identify an additional 30% of important genetic conditions. It can also find other chromosomal changes that may go undiagnosed at birth.

Having all of the right information before birth can help ensure your baby receives the proper and necessary testing and support if it is required.

  • The test is a simple blood test, available from as early as 9+0 weeks of pregnancy
  • Fetal gender is optional
  • Complimentary early viability/growth scan is included
  • The detection rate is over 99% with a false positive rate of 1:1000
  • Results from the MaterniT GENOME test are typically available within five days after your sample has been received in the laboratory
  • MaterniT GENOME  screening results are communicated clearly as positives or negatives rather than risk scores.