Take Action Based on Your DNA

Hereditary Genetic Testing to Help You Take Control of Your Health

Are you planning a family? Interested in learning more about your predisposition to health conditions like cancer or heart disease –  or understanding what your family medical history means for you today? Are you a clinician looking for targeted information and customised gene panels to help your patients with their treatment? Our genetic testing can help.

Using just a small saliva sample, our partner laboratories in the USA will undertake comprehensive gene sequencing and then provide the test result about 3 weeks later in a clearly written report. The results can help to identify:

  • if cancer screening should start earlier
  • if lifestyle changes – or more – are advisable for certain heart conditions
  • medical treatment or plans for surgery
  • proactive actions about conditions that run in a family
  • vital information about planning a pregnancy, such as whether a genetic condition (often unknown) could be passed onto a baby.

Before having any screening test, it’s important to know as much as possible about the test itself. How will the testing process work? How are the results provided? What would happen next if the result shows a higher risk of a particular condition?

For Individuals

Deciding whether or not to have a screening test is a personal choice and one which only you can make. We always recommend talking to your family, friends and/or your healthcare professionals before making your final decision.

If you choose genetic testing for cancer with us, then your test includes a pre-test telephone consultation with one of our clinical team to discuss the test and what’s involved. It also includes optional post-test counselling with a UK-based Consultant in Genetics or a Genetics Counsellor if your result is positive.

For Clinicians

If you’re a clinician looking for tests for your patients, you can also choose this ‘test plus counselling’ option or access a ‘test only’ service if you provide patient support and counselling in-house. Custom gene panels are also available. Please contact us to discuss on 0345 230 3386.

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You can also browse detailed information about genetic testing – including brochures, FAQs and videos – on our partner laboratory websites, just click on the links below. We have direct contracts in place with the Color, Invitae and Natera laboratories and also work with them to deliver patient and clinician support resources such as webinars, teaching materials and distribution infrastructure.

Invitae Tests

Color Tests

Natera Horizon Test

Post-Test Counselling for Cancer Tests

With Professor Gareth Evans MB BS MD FRCP

If your cancer test result is positive, our tests include a free post-test counselling session. Professor Gareth Evans is a leading breast cancer geneticist and Professor in Medical Genetics and Cancer Epidemiology at The University of Manchester. He has been a Consultant for Saint Mary’s Hospital, part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, for 30 years and runs clinics at Saint Mary’s, the Nightingale Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital and at The Christie.

As well as supporting women screened for breast cancer in family history clinics, he has an international reputation in clinical research for cancer genetics, genomics, and Neurofibromatosis. His research focuses on improving screening services and genetic testing to identify risk of the disease. Professor Evans also lectures around the world, has published several papers within this field, developed national training programmes in breast cancer screening, and has sat on several national committees in cancer screening, including for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Professor Evans is a Fellow of the Learned Society for Wales.

For Information and Support

Our Tests

Purchase your test online or by phone on 0345 230 3386.  If you book online, we’ll call you to schedule your pre-test consultation at a time convenient to you. Patients or guardians must be over 18 to give consent and book testing.

  • All cancer tests listed here include the test, prepaid UK postage, pre-test consultation and post-test counselling from a UK-based Consultant in Genetics or Genetics Counsellor if the result is positive.
  • The cardio screen includes the test, prepaid UK postage and pre-test consultation. As this is a proactive screening test about cardiovascular health, you’ll be able to discuss your results with your GP or choice of healthcare professional.
  • Carrier screening includes the test, prepaid UK postage, pre-test consultation and post-test counselling from a UK-based Consultant in Fetal Medicine.