CeGat Genetic Disease Prevention Test

Personalised health care for early detection of your risk of genetic disease

The CeGat Genetic Disease Prevention Test is a genetic test which provides early detection of genetic risk factors so that early intervention can prevent or delay the onset or progression of a disease or medical condition. This is especially important in cancer where early detection allows early treatment when it is most effective and increases the probability of survival.

Prevention is Better Than Cure – The Role of Genetic Testing

1 in 7 people carry genetic variants which can cause cancer and medical conditions for which preventive measures can be taken or early diagnosis and treatment is more effective. Plan your individual health care with CeGaT‘s genetic test. Join us in making a valuable contribution to maintaining your health – for yourself and your family.

What is it and how does it work?

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After an initial genetic consultation by a qualified specialist, a simple blood test is taken and sent to our partner lab for analysis. CeGaT then sequences all genes in the screening panel using Next- Generation Sequencing. Analysis and interpretation of the sequencing data is followed by preparation of a detailed medical report. Finally a specialist will discuss the findings and recommendations from the genetic test.

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About Our Partner Laboratory

CeGaT is a global provider of genetic analyses for a wide range of medical, research, and pharmaceutical applications.

Founded 2009 in Tübingen, Germany, the company combines state-ofthe-art sequencing technology with medical expertise – with the aim of identifying the genetic causes of diseases and supporting patient care. For researchers and pharmaceutical companies, CeGaT offers a broad portfolio of sequencing services and tumor analyses. CeGaT generates the data basis for clinical studies and medical innovations and drives science forward with its own insights.

The owner-managed company stands for independence, comprehensive personal customer service, and outstanding quality. CeGaT’s laboratory is accredited according to CAP/CLIA, DIN EN ISO 15189, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and thus meets the highest international standards.