Frequently Asked Questions

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What services are currently available?

All of our services are available; please call 0345 230 3386 to discuss your requirements or to make an appointment.

What hygiene and infection control procedures are in place and which regulatory body has inspected them?

We’re a medical clinic run by doctors and have all of the routine infection prevention and control policies and procedures in place that you’d expect from a clinical environment. These have been inspected by our regulator, Health Inspectorate Wales.

In Wales, we do not advise anyone to have medical care, health care, pregnancy care or pregnancy scans in any facility that is not registered with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales. Please check that your choice of clinic is registered with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales and displays their logo.

Can guests attend my appointment with me?

We’re delighted to welcome your guests to your appointment.

Please call us on 0345 230 3386 if you have any questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Are you registered with Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW)?

Yes, we are.  Any clinic or company offering you pregnancy care or a diagnostic pregnancy ultrasound scan must be registered with HIW if they offer scans in Wales. HIW are the equivalent of England’s Care Quality Commission (CQC). If a clinic or company offers scans in England and Wales, they must be registered with both the CQC and HIW.

Do we need a referral from our GP?

You don’t need a referral from your GP or another doctor to visit the clinic. You can make an appointment directly with us for a scan or consultation. We can also co-ordinate your care with other doctors or clinics if you’d like us to. We will provide referrals or reports of our results to keep your fertility clinic, GP or other specialists informed. We also provide back up for couples having IVF abroad including blood tests and ultrasound scans.

Can the scan or test be used for medical reference as part of our pregnancy care?

Yes, all of our scans, tests and care can be used for medical reference as part of your pregnancy care. We advise that you always check the very small print before booking a pregnancy scan in other clinics or companies to check for disclaimers stating that scans or reports cannot be medically used.

How should I prepare for a blood test or NIPT?

There are no specific preparations for having a blood test or NIPT. Please do let us know if you have had any previous problems having blood samples taken (such as feeling faint or difficult veins) so that we can support you accordingly.

How should I prepare for an ultrasound scan?

You’ll be given all of the information you need about preparing for your specific scan at the time of your booking. General advice includes wearing comfortable clothes that you can easily adjust for your tummy to be scanned and if you’re under 20 weeks then it’s helpful to have your bladder comfortably full.

What will happen if concerns arise during the scan?

If your sonographer identifies any concerns during your scan, they will contact our in-house medical expert on the same day as your scan. Dr Bryan Beattie MD FRCOG (Consultant in Obstetrics & Fetal Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) will review your scan and then contact you to discuss the next steps. You will usually be contacted by him on the same day as your scan or on the following day.