Bras – Tips for Choosing a Pre-Natal Maternity and Feeding Bra

Maternity and Feeding Bras

One of the first signs of pregnancy is full, tender breasts. There is no specific time to get a maternity bra but it’s usually between about eight and ten weeks when you may start to notice that your regular bras are a bit snug. This is when you should start shopping for a maternity bra, or a good support bra.  Be sure to follow these essential tips and you’ll no doubt find a pre-natal bra that will offer support, coverage, adjustability and comfort.

Get Measured

Whilst most ladies need to go up two band sizes and two cup sizes during pregnancy, every woman is different and this is not always the case. You never know, you might even go up more than two sizes as women’s bras are often too small in the beginning.  If your bra is too small, it may cause a blockage in your milk glands which can lead to mastitis. Rather than guess your bra size, always go to a specialist for a bra fitting and know what size you are for definite. Do not make the mistake of buying a bigger size; you’ll most probably need to buy  bigger sizes again at a later stage in your pregnancy.

Underwired Bras

In recent years some brands have now introduced into their ranges an underwired maternity bra which is specially designed with a softer wire which is positioned differently to a normal wire in a fashion underwired bra.  However, fashion underwired bras are not recommended during pregnancy for a number of reasons.  Firstly, the underwire can put pressure on the chest due to the ribcage expanding, which will result in the wire digging in and causing not only discomfort, but blocked milk ducts. This could again lead to mastitis. Secondly, your breast shape will constantly change because the milk ducts will be growing in preparation for breastfeeding. Therefore a bra that is flexible and soft against your skin is a far better option than an underwired bra.  The beauty of some pre natal bras  is that you can wear it to bed if you feel like you need the extra support when you sleep, however it is better and much more comfortable to purchase a ‘sleep bra’ .

Support is Essential

There are no muscles in your breasts so in order for them to be able to regain their pre-pregnancy shape; a fully-supportive bra is a ‘must’. With the correct support, upper backache can be avoided and stretch marks can be minimised.

Allow Room to Grow

When buying a pre-natal bra, make sure that the bra is fastened on the tightest hook to allow for growing room.  If you don’t do this then you need to buy another bra later in a bigger size.  This is the classic mistake that most women make.  If you have your pre-natal bra fitted properly by a professional bra fitter and make sure that you are on the tightest hook and have room in your cup for growth then that bra should last you through until the end of your pregnancy.  It is better to spend more on a better bra in the beginning that is fitted properly and will last you through than to waste more money buying numerous bras throughout your pregnancy.

Feeding Bra

You should wait until at least 36 weeks to get your feeding bra fitted (again get it fitted professionally), because your bump will have lowered by this stage and your rib cage will have gone down in size.

You need to do the opposite now to the maternity bra fitting and get a bra which is fitted on the ‘slackest’ hook, because as time goes on you will get smaller around your ribs and the bra will slacken with wear, so you will need to be able to tighten it.  Also you will need to go up again in the cup size to allow for when your milk comes in, so make sure you have enough room in your cup to allow for this.

So there you have it. Now you know how to go about buying a maternity bra. As long as you follow this trusty advice, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect prenatal bra for you.

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